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Trade Compliance Course
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Trade compliance represents one of the most intense aspects of engaging in international trade, and failure to maintain it can destroy a company’s reputation and future simultaneously. As a result of increased scrutiny by the BIS to ensure trade compliance of U.S. companies, more companies are turning to expert partners in logistics and the supply chain, such as Flash Global, for assistance.

Ultimately, the key to achieving sustainable growth and longevity for your company relies on your ability to expand into new markets and access new resources with as little risk as possible. Flash Global can help turn that vision into a reality and may prevent “what is trade compliance” questions from turning into a financial purgatory for your organization.

  • The first ever course from INDIA on TRADE COMPLIANCE.
  • Factors influencing Global Trade.
  • Political and economic agreements on trade
  • HTS, ECCN, Country of Origin, INCOTERMS
  • Shared responsibilities between Government and private entities in Legal trade
  • Free trade agreements, effective screening techniques
  • Duty assessments and valuation
  • Basics of logistics and supply chain managements.
  • Basics of manufacturing and products.
  • Trade Knowledge.
Benefits of International Trade.
98% of the 304,000 U.S. companies that export their products are small and medium-sized companies.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce