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Logistics management is a detailed process of organizing and implementing an operation. When it comes to business, that process is the flow of work from the beginning to the end, in order to fulfill customer expectations as well as those of your organization.

To model, analyze, visualize and optimize this complex logistical puzzle, the use of a dedicated simulation software is often used. The person who works in this field is called a logistician.

  • After successful completion of the course you will understand the key business concepts in logistics & supply chain management.
  • Analyse various strategies adopted to manage shipping.
  • Overview of end to end shipping management
  • Documentations, shipping terms, roles and responsibilities.
  • How shipping companies work?
  • Impact of globalization and liberalization.
  • Key concepts – transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing & inventory management
  • Covid-19 and logistics.
  • End to end management.
  • Basic understanding of logistics..
  • But don’t worry we will cover right from the scratch.
Benefits of International Trade.
Among challenges ahead are how companies can cope with the challenges of robotics and ever-expanding technology
John Danilovich  (Secretary General - Internaltional chamber of commerce)